The Roseville Rock Rollers Gem and Mineral Society

Gem, Jewelry, Fossil & Mineral Show

August 3rd & 4th, 2024 @theGrounds Roseville, CA

Welcome to the Roseville Rock Rollers Gem and Mineral Society's annual Gem, Jewelry, Fossil & Mineral Show! This highly anticipated event, held every year, is a celebration of the fascinating world of gems, minerals, fossils, and lapidary arts.


Discover the Diversity of the Nature's Wonders

The Roseville Rock Rollers Gem and Mineral Society's Annual Gem and Mineral Show features a variety of exhibits that showcase the beauty, complexity, and wonder of the geological world. Our exhibits are designed to educate, inspire, and fascinate attendees of all ages.

Society Display Cases

Explore the captivating exhibits presented by the Roseville Rock Rollers Gem and Mineral Society, showcasing a diverse array of minerals, gemstones, and lapidary arts. Our display cases celebrate the artistry and passion of our members, highlighting their discoveries, craftsmanship, and dedication to earth sciences. From stunning specimens to educational displays, each display invites visitors to marvel at the nature's wonder and learn about their geological significance.

  • Roseville Rock Rollers

    Featuring a curated selection of our finest specimens and educational materials.

  • Field Trips

    Showcasing the treasures collected by members during our various field trips.

  • Cabochon Classes

    Displaying the stunning cabochon creations crafted by our local students and members.

  • Rookie Rock Rollers

    A special exhibit by our junior members, highlighting their enthusiasm and learning.

  • Members

    Our talented members present their personal collections, demonstrating their passion and expertise in gemology, mineralogy, and lapidary arts. These individual displays offer a glimpse into the unique interests and skills of our Society members.

  • In Memoriam

    Honoring the contributions and memories of past members with dedicated display cases. These exhibits pay tribute to their lasting impact on our Society and the field of mineralogy and lapidary arts.

Fluorecence Exhibit

Step into a darken room dedicated to the fascinating world of fluorescent minerals. This exhibit showcases the many rocks and minerals that glow under ultraviolet light, revealing vibrant colors and patterns that are invisible in normal light.

Live Animal Exhibits

Get up close and personal with live animal exhibits presented by:

  • NorCal Bats

    Learn about the important role bats play in our ecosystem and see these incredible creatures up close.

    NorCal Bats 
  • Northern California Herpetological Society

    Explore a variety of reptiles and amphibians, and learn about their habitats and conservation.

    Northern California Herpetological Society 
  • Save the Snakes

    Discover the world of snakes and their crucial part in maintaining ecological balance.

    Save the Snakes 

Contact for Exhibitor Inquiries

For more information or any questions regarding becoming a Exhibitor at our Annual Gem and Mineral Show, please contact our Demonstrator Chairperson.

Exhibitor Chairperson: Holli Hinkle
Email: [address]
Phone: [number]

@the Grounds

Placer County