The Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society

Founded in 1960, we are a community of gem and mineral enthusiasts based in Roseville, California. As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of the earth sciences, particularly in the fields of gemology, mineralogy, and lapidary arts. Our Society offers a range of activities and resources for members and the public of all ages to explore and engage in this fascinating world.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society is to bring together, in good fellowship, individuals who are interested in the earth sciences, the arts of lapidary and gemology, with the intent of furthering their knowledge, abilities, and comprehension of those arts and sciences.

  • Education

    Promote the study and understanding of earth sciences and lapidary arts through programs and resources.

  • Community

    Provide opportunities for members to connect, share, and grow through meetings, hands-on workshops, and events.

  • Awareness

    Educate the local community about the fascinating world of gems and minerals through local initiatives and public events.

What We Do

The Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society offers a diverse range of programs and activities designed to cater to both our members and the general public. Our goal is to provide a platform where enthusiasts of all levels can learn, share, and enjoy their passion for gemology, mineralogy, and lapidary arts.

Educational Meetings

Our educational meetings are designed to share knowledge about rocks, minerals, and related subjects. Each meeting features guest speakers, refreshments, silent auction, and information of upcoming events and activities within the Society.

Guests are warmly welcome to attend and explore the fascinating world of gem and minerals with us.


Lapidary Shop

The lapidary shop is equipped with essential tools and machines necessary for cutting, grinding, and polishing various stones.

Our cabochon class, available to both members and the public, teaches the essential skills of cutting and polishing stones. After completing the class, members can participate in open sessions to further hone their skills.


Field Trips

Join us on exciting excursions to various geological sites where members can collect specimens and explore unique rock formations.

Through our affiliation with the Cooperative Field Trip Chairmen Association, members can participate in a wide range of field trips organized by other affiliated societies, expanding opportunities for exploration and discovery.


Youth Program

Our junior members, known as Rookie Rock Rollers, meet monthly for educational and fun activities. These sessions include lessons and crafts designed to inspire a love for geology and mineralogy in young enthusiasts.

As part of the AFMS Future Rockhounds of America, junior members can participate in the badge program, working towards earning badges while enhancing their knowledge and skills.



We actively engage with local events and community groups to promote earth science education and inspire a new generation of rock and mineral enthusiasts.

Our annual Gem and Mineral Show showcases stunning specimens, provides educational opportunities, and allows the public to connect with experts in the field.


Our Community

Our Society is a welcoming community of individuals from all over the Northern California area, all united by a shared passion for rocks, minerals, and gems. With over 200 members, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where enthusiasts of all levels can connect, share knowledge, and grow together. Whether you are an experienced expert or a curious beginner, you will find a place here to learn, share, and expand your understanding of the earth sciences.

If you share our passion for earth sciences and want to be part of a dynamic and friendly community, consider becoming a member of the Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society.
Visit our Membership Page to learn more about the benefits and how to join.

Our Volunteers

Our Society thrives thanks to the dedication and expertise of our member volunteers. With over 30 volunteers contributing their knowledge, skills, and time, we are able to organize and execute a variety of events and programs. Our volunteers are involved in everything from event organization and educational meetings to the maintenance and operation of our lapidary shop. Their commitment ensures that our Society remains active and that we continue to offer high-quality experiences for all members and the public.

Contact Us

For more details about the Roseville Rock Rollers Gem and Mineral Society, please explore our website or get in touch with us directly. We are always happy to welcome new members and answer any questions you may have.

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Gem and Mineral Society

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