List of Show Exhibitors
Exhibits confirmed for the 2018 Show




Exhibits in the Garden Room

Beaded Cabochon Jewelry Terry Yoschak
Buena Vista Lode Gold Mine  JR Evans
Dino Bone Dick Pankey
Eclectic Delight  Crystal McIntyre & Kathy Krause
Fossil Wood from Blue Forest, WY  David Haggerty
Goblet, Large Cabs, Jewelry and Carvings Bob & Pat Rush
Hearts Betty Pankey
Loe Family Treasures Kim & Steve Loe
Meteorites and Fossils  Cannon Hansen
Roseville Rock Rollers Club Case Kelley Ballard
RRR Members Case Kim Loe
Rutile included Quartz Jobadiah Giles
Scorpion Silica Crystals  Bob & Pat Rush
Septarian Nodules Rolf Andrews
State Rock, Mineral, Fossil & Gemstone Jim Hutchings
Sutter's Mill Meteorite Kim Loe

Exhibits in Johnson Hall

Bats!  NorCal Bats
Beading Work  Carollyn Lutton
BLAST from the Past  Sierra College
Fossils For Fun Club Case Debbie Bunn  
Jewelry Arts  Jennifer Rhodes
Junior Rock Rollers Activities Roseville Rookie Rock Rollers
Junior Rock Rollers Presentations Roseville Rookie Rock Rollers
Mineral Specimens  Brad Bevis
Stone Intarsia  Bill Simpson

Exhibits in Johnson Hall Conference Room

Eggsquisite Eggzibit (Eggs) Lisa Giampietro
Fluorescent Minerals Donald Tadlock
Fluorescent Minerals Fred Ott
Giant Apache Tears Tim Unruh
Mineral Education Display  Cathy Hutchings
Spheres  Karla Shannon & Bob Blazina
Tektites: Stone of Mystery Tim Unruh
The 49er Miner and Placer Gold  Michelle Grant