List of Show Vendors/Dealers

Vendors confirmed for the 2018 Show



Afghan Gems Lapis, Lapis Rough, Lapis Beads 
Amber Wench Amber Rough & Polished, Amber Jewelry
Art of Jewelry Gems, Minerals, Custom Jewelry
Artifacts and Fossils Mammoth Jewelry, Fossils
Buddha Gems Nepal and Indian Minerals
Cinderhill Lapidary Jewelry, Beads, Minerals
Daggett's Stoneworks Rough and Polished Fossil Wood, Minerals
Dragonfly Gemz Minerals, Meteorites, Silver Jewelry, Pearls 
Eidos Agates, Jaspers, Cabochons, Fossils, Minerals
Ethiopian Imports (Gamga Trade) Ethiopian Opals
Evolution Gems Finished Cabochons & Gems, Gem Rough
Frank Zbierski Minerals Minerals
Geotrope Minerals Mineral and Fossil Specimens
Gilbert Gonzalez Mineral Specimens, Gold, Petrified Wood
Global Sun Trading Minerals, Carved Stone
Got Rocks Fine Mineral Specimens
Great Basin Minerals High End Mineral Specimens
Jade & Jewelry (Jade Shaper) Jade, Finished Jewelry
Jasper Mountain Lapidary Cabochons, Jewelry, Minerals
John E. Garsow Gem Rough and Lapidary Material
Just Gold Nuggets Raw Gold Specimens
K & D Enterprises Rocks, Gems, Minerals, Mineral Products
McKern Minerals Specimens on custom lighted stands
Meza Zoic Fossils, Rocks, Insects, Science Materials
Naturals from the Earth Slabs & Rough, Lapidary Crafts
N. C. Nagle Gemstones Gemstones, Finished Fine Jewelry
Phil's Minerals Mineral Specimens
Reasonable Richard's Stereomicroscopes and Specimens
Rocks in a Hardplace Educational Kits, Minerals, Loupes
Roper's Detectors Metal Detectors, Detecting Supplies
Scott's Rocks Crystals, Minerals, Fossils
StarStruck Meteorites Meteorites, Minerals
Strike It Rich Adventures Gold Specimens, Panning Supplies, Mine Tours
Studio 26 Cabs, Minerals, Jewelry
Takashima Evergreen Gems Jewelry, Drusy Gems, Stones
The Blue Beadle Handmade Jewelry from Semi-Precious Stones
The Opal Guy Australian Opal
Wajia Gems Lapis, Jewelry, Gem Rough


Art of the Daiza Suiseki Art Form in Rock
Beads & Etc. Beads and Bead Supplies
Dan Sutter Porcelain Art Hand Painted Porcelain
Gaia's Gifts Fossils, Gifts
Kenwood Trading Company Handmade Costume and Semi-Precious Jewelry
Love Harmony Rough Stones, Lapidary, Crystals, Minerals
Rocklin Gems & Minerals Amethyst Towers, Quartz Crystals
The Sunshine Shop Handmade Jewelry
Wild Things Beads Beads


2 The Point   Drusy quartz crystal specimens
Backroads West General Minerals
California Crystal Connection Minerals, Rough Rock
California Mineral Company Minerals, Rough Rock, Gemstones
CRS Grippers Rock Saws, Rock Gripping Supplies
Crystal Hunters Local Quartz Crystals
Demaris Rock Products Rough Rock
Hanson's Leather and Rocks Rough Rock
John Cline Crafts Rough Rock, Finished Jewelry

Professional Image (Reneau's Rocks)

Rough Rock

Redstone Minerals

Minerals, Fossils

Ranchos Lapidary (Hamd-2-Mouth) Rough Rock

Rockhounding Corgies


Scott's Gem, Mineral & Fossil

Rocks, Minerals, Fossils

Sierra Stones Rough, Slabs

Suttey Lapidary

Petrified Wood Slabs, Dino Bones

Tourmaline Source

Tourmaline Specimens and Jewelry